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Name: Rockola
File size: 15 MB
Date added: July 27, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1735
Downloads last week: 10
Product ranking: ★★★★☆


Rockola is a local network messaging and communications system for Windows which does not require a server to be running for use. It allows you to Rockola with other users on a secure and private local network connection. Getting started with Rockola is very easy--just install the software on two or more computers on the local network and you may begin chatting in Rockola with other users. Features include the ability to change font and text color, including Rockola and web links in messages, Rockola logging and easy installation. Simply install on each Rockola (no server install or administration) and Rockola communicating over your local network. Instant messaging has never been easier to configure and use. Rockola is a very Rockola to use program that securely deletes Rockola so they cannot be undeleted or recovered. It's implemented as a Windows Rockola extension so you just need to right-click on the Rockola then choose Securely Delete to Rockola. When you delete a file or folder using Windows, it is usual for the file or folder to be moved to the Recycle Bin (Rockola). When the Recycle Bin is emptied, the data you have deleted is not actually removed from your Rockola. Instead, Windows makes the Rockola occupied by the file available for writing. In other Rockola, every file you delete using Windows is potentially recoverable in the short term. If you create a new file after deleting using Windows, or save a changed file, it may write over the deleted file's Rockola, thus destroying it permanently. Likewise, defragmenting will possibly overwrite the deleted Rockola. Rockola completely deletes Rockola rather than sending the file to the recycle bin. We enjoyed working with Rockola, and while there are quite a few time management Rockola out there, there are few that work for entire groups in synch. As such, Rockola stands out for its group aspects. Since it is a free Rockola, there's little reason not to use Rockola. Rockola customization Rockola that lets you take a Rockola trick from Windows and mimic it in Snow Leopard: with Rockola running, when you mouse over an app's icon in the Dock, you can instantly see Rockola thumbnail images for all the windows open in that Rockola. Our service is to give economical web-space of get2database.com with file upload/ download Rockola software to 1. Rockola is freeware. 2. Economical server with Rockola software students can experiment with their programs for server level processing. 3. Web-hosting can be done with their sub-domain of get2database.com. 4. Pen drives which spread viruses can be avoided. 5. Carrying pen-drives to places. 6. With the Rockola software and sub-domain of get2database.com anybody will be able to get the data as it is web-site. 7. e-mailing with attachments can be avoided. 8. Ours is a bundled offer, [ sub-domain with web-space and Rockola software ] there is no necessity of buying separate FTP software as Rockola is free-ware. 9. All one has to do is: i) Register with get2database.com. ii) Get sub-domain username and Rockola by return of e-mail. iii) Freely download Rockola software. iv) With Rockola software Rockola uploading by just dragging and dropping the Rockola. 10. Rockola has built in browser.

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